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If plain speaking from a job setting , Gucci outlet 's main task is leading the drafting of speeches , policy regulations, work plans and summary , a variety of reports, etc. down the line command to consult documents . But in fact it is not so,Gucci handbags outlet because the Chinese State always pay attention to " hairless lips work is not strong ," wrote material for the leaders so "important" things how they can arrange these young people had just graduated from school do ? Moreover, there is a secretary of a so-called " Party a pen" Wang Aimin , even as early as two years, Wu Bo did not come good chance to write something , not to mention Gucci outlet and Kong Xiangrong it.Thus, new colleagues is particularly the leisure, work every day , cleaned the office and personal hygiene workbench , you become nothing , only staring at a computer screen in a daze .

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Unlike government agencies and enterprises in a particular human being indifferent here , very few people to care for others , we are attended to , and on the new colleague is impossible to take the initiative to be helpful , because they are competing relationship , who would not go and tell their competitors how to integrate into this environment .Faced with this situation , Kong Xiangrong seemed very indifferent, not a day later , it is a go early ,Gucci outlet online store do not come to work , either , and Baiya Dan chat, or is sitting alone reading the newspaper or online location . But Gucci outlet but had not come that day mixed with food to die , he is very clear that in the work of government agencies looks very bright , but in fact it is like here Longtanhuxue general exist , many people in government agencies is also mixed with a lifetime powerless , like a secretary of Wu Bo , has come for four years, is still not able to Fu Keji crossed this threshold , but just an ordinary clerk .Politics is not a Gucci outlet initial choice , it is because he likes to do real work, not like "Every day a newspaper a cup of tea, think hard climb ," the organ work , but he is also very aware Huaxia Guo status quo , in order to truly control your own destiny , and perhaps politics is the best choice, but he is a good " in its place their government " of the people , since it has entered a career, then we have to make some among officialdom in this accomplishments .

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Therefore , Gucci outlet does not passively wait , was not carrying his "favored " hold the shelf , but the first day they came to office , a door first lay water, to everyone 's cup are pour in Sheung Shui, silently desk are a few people will clean up , and then pulls a cloth to clean and paint the sofa and file cabinets . These things are done,Gucci purses outlet we come to work in twos and threes , and this time , Gucci outlet put different types of documents to find out before , then began in earnest to learn a little something to look at .

Gucci also know that Wu Chun has missed the point , but he did not care, but continued Wuxiong anxiously eager to white barrier Executed mood I can understand , but in the entire Tianchang County , if Thursday does not dispose of flat white barrier, who censure him what ? So after Wuxiong To do intend to avenge revenge , as come clean government and other Tianchang County .Wu Chun already believe at this time Gucci, but it also has its own urgent Tianchang Road to ...... but this will only come when the county clean government do ?

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